Sold on Christmas Eve is a standalone adult romance (erotica) that is not part of a series but is also available in a collectors box set called Sold at the Auction in Aspen.

Sold on Christmas Eve

It’s one of the not so hidden “secrets” that some marketing and/or publishing companies hire freelance writers to churn out stories and then brand them under the name of a single author.

That author may or may not even exist. It’s not always well known who the fake authors are but when you get your hands on a book by one of these fake authors and then read others stories they have written it’s very obvious as the writing styles are very different.

Although I can’t say for sure, I suspect Juliana Conners is one of those fake authors.  Her bio reads – USA Today bestselling author (& publisher) of sizzling hot bad boy romance books. Mom, wife, traveler, lover of fun.

Sounds legit, right? Only if you do any digging you find you don’t really see any photos of this person. While that alone isn’t evidence, it’s just one of the signs that something is off. You’ll also notice all of her appearances and launch parties are virtual.

In one of her other biographies, she claims to be a part-time lawyer. That alone tells us one thing about her, she’s obviously educated. A female with an advanced degree would know basic things.  Basic knowledge that you’ll find missing her books.

Next, once you start digging into her social media presence you find she’s only been around since 2016.

According to Good Reads, she has put out 53 distinct works. FIFTY-THREE.

That means in just over a year she’s put out all those books. This on top of the fact that she’s a mother and still has time to be a lawyer took. Really? When does she sleep?

You tell me, how does a mother, and lawyer also churn out that many books in just over a year?

So what about the book itself? You’ll catch on rather quickly that the story isn’t written by a female, especially if you’ve ever had long or fake nails – then you’ll know that long nails, real or not is not something that goes well with masturbation.

Any female would know that pain. So when you read about how long, fake nails poking your sensitive area is actually a way to make playing with yourself better you know right away that a man who has no clue what he’s talking about, wrote that.

Pushing that issue aside, you have a decent enough story. There are a few problems with it, including the fall in love with each other after literally two days together. These two know nothing about each other – barely know each other’s first names and now they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together. Really? #facepalm

That’s honestly why I rated it as low as I did.

Sold on Christmas Eve
  • 6.5 Out of 10 - 6.5/10


I’m a 19 year old V-card carrying, overweight nerd.
He’s a 38 year old tall, handsome billionaire.
I meet him while on a Christmas break ski trip my BFF dragged me on.
She says I need to give myself the gift of caring about my own needs for once.
I have a feeling this guy could help me out with that.
But when I’m faced with being auctioned off at a place called The Exchange Club,
I have to ask myself if this is really how I want to lose my innocence.
This filthy rich bad boy will bid whatever it takes to make me his naughty elf.
He plans to possess me, dominate me, claim me as his own.
I have a feeling I’ll enjoy what he does to me, maybe just a little too much-
especially compared to the wimpy, clueless guys I’ve tried to date in the past.
As the bidding approaches a million dollars, I have to ask myself some questions.

Is there nothing money can’t buy, including a happy ever after?
Or if he buys my body on Christmas Eve, will he steal my heart for good?

Sold on Christmas Eve is a standalone steamy romance with no cliffhangers, no cheating and a happy ever after.

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Welcome to my romance book review blog. I’m an avid reader of all kinds of romance books and this blog is a place for me to talk about the various books I have read.

Romance Book Review Blog

Welcome to my romance book review blog. I’m an avid reader of all kinds of romance books and this blog is a place for me to talk about the various books I have read.