Review Policy

This is my review policy. Before we get started let me just say I only review books in the romance genre. Sorry but this is a romance book review blog.

So that being said, if you are interested in having your book reviewed by me, please send me an email with the book’s description and the answers to the following questions.

  • What is the name of your book?
  • What is your book’s description?
  • How long is the book?  (pages and word count)
  • What is your books genre? (Contemporary, YA, New Adult, Adult, etc.)
  • Is there a HEA? (happily ever after)
  • Is this book part of a series or a standalone book?
  • If this book is part of a series is there a cliffhanger?
  • Is there cheating of any kind? (If so please briefly explain)

Please submit your review requests by email only to the address below. Look carefully at the spelling of my first name.

Stacei Fox

Oh and please whatever you do, do not add me to your mailing list. Trust me, it will only make me not review your books in the future. If I want on your email list I will ask you to subscribe me.


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